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Personal Safety and Injury Prevention

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Est. 1989

Program Outline

In addition to the lessons below, during the program the instructors periodically interact with the students in the playground and in their home room classes to monitor, build respect and provide a positive role model.

My Body,
My Rights!

Exercise is important whether you're
7, 70 or 107.

Exercise is the key to getting fit for life. It can help you stay in shape and feel better about yourself.

Lessons 1 -2

  • Full body warm-up
  • Stretching exercises for improved flexibility
  • Quizzes on awareness of drugs, gangs and safety

  • Running,
  • jumping, push-ups; sit-ups for improved physical condition
  • Self defence strategies
  • Essays/assignments

Lessons 3 - 4

  • Full body warm-up
  • Quizzes on awareness of drugs, gangs and safety
  • Self defence techniques
  • Practising techniques with supervision

  • Class discussion about drugs, gangs, bullying, etc.
  • Essays/assignments on street safety and drug awareness
  • Review and testing
Literacy Components

Journal writing:
Types of entry: Work diary entry, Listening log, Learning log

Retelling main ideas

Language Arts:
Introduction to journal writing: Group discussion, Monitoring of daily writing, Incorporating other instructional strategies, Jot notes, Key word lists, Reading collection, Summarizing

Other Key Components

Visual Arts:
Cover page design, Illustrations, Drawings, Murals

Role playing

Physical Education:
Condition, Movement

Drugs and personal body safety


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