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About The Program

In today’s society, a program devoted to the safety of our children is a welcomed response to the many dangers, issues and conflicts with which our children must contend. Out of this philosophy, the A.T. Youth Safety Program began.

The A.T. Youth Safety Program has been in existence for over 15 years. It introduces youth to basic self defence strategies while increasing their awareness of street safety and the dangers of drugs, gang, violence, abduction, rape, molestation and murder. Through our program, children will develop the necessary skills to handle the dangers and perils of our society and perceive street safety as a way of life.

Various discussions are conducted throughout our program. Topics for discussion deal with a variety of issues such as bullying, harassment and discrimination. The program encourages continued team work among parents, guardians and teaches in an effort to control these problems.

The program enables the youth to gain self confidence and self motivation. Students develop better concentration skills and become respectful to others and the environment. Such development leads to physical well being, a safe and drug free lifestyle and improved self esteem.

Much too often the youth of today do not have the opportunity to see themselves reflected in positive role models. Working together as partners while developing discipline, the Program strives to enhance our common heritage and culture to empower all youth.

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