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What are the dangers your children face each day?

How can you help to protect them?

The A.T. Youth Safety Program can offer the help you need!

Children's Safety
Comes First!

Children's Safety Comes First!

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The A.T. Youth Safety program is designed to teach kids about the dangers of society and how to avoid them. We teach street safety, the dangers of drugs, gang, violence, abduction, rape and many other issues they face.

This program will do what parents cannot do and what the police does not have the manpower or the time to do. We can relate with kids and we are looked upon as role models. This program is an effective and fun way of teaching kids street smarts. We spend a minimum of five days with the kids and evaluate them at the end of the session. The valuable information that comes from this program has saved 2-3 kids per year.

Here you will find more details about the program the program outline along with references and quotations from principals and teachers throughout Ontario.

This program is taught primarily in elementary schools but can also expand to other schools if needed.

If necessary, one of our consultants will be glad to
meet with the parent committee to discuss
the program further.


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