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Quotes from principals and teachers from schools throughout Ontario:

“Our students were thrilled with the program and very responsive to the instructor. The written component is a valuable and important facet of the learning. Parents were extremely enthusiastic and supportive of the program and wish to re-book this coming year for extended teaching. The real proof of its value lies in the fact that two children have been in potentially difficult and dangerous situations and immediately used strategies taught by the program six months earlier.”

Earl Park, Principal - Morrish Road P.S., Scarborough

"Your presentation is timely in assisting students with strategies to protect themselves if confronted by threatening circumstances. There was not one instance of students misusing the knowledge they gained through inappropriate activity in the school yard."

H. McKeown, Principal - Maple Leaf Public School

"We have found that the A.T. Youth Safety program left a permanent mark on staff and students. The instructors have discipline, fairness and adaptable techniques to work with students of various ages. We will definitely be seeking funds to repeat the program next year."

S. Macdonald, Principal - Yorkwood Public School

"All of our students participated with enthusiasm and commitment. We believe that this program helps foster student awareness and self esteem and provides them with strategies to help them cope in an increasingly complex society."

L. Davies, Principal - Milne Valley M.S.

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